Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas Express will now run 4 days a week

Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas Express will now run 4 days a week

Until now, this private train of the IRCTC was only making 3 trips between Lucknow & New Delhi

India's first private train, the Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas Express is back to its schedule, and will once again be running 4 days a week, instead of 3. As per reports, IRCTC had reduced the frequency of trips, of this AC Chair Car in January, due to rise in COVID cases. But now with an improvement in the situation, the train will run as per the old schedule, adding more convenience for the commuters.

Back on tracks, Tejas Express offers ease of travel with premium services

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IRCTC Chief Regional Manager Ajit Kumar Sinha said the Coronavirus spread has now reduced considerably and this allows us to run Tejas Express as before, for the passengers' convenience. The decision has been taken on account of the increased passenger demands for the same, the CRM added.

While the Tejas Express was initially launched as a 6-day service between Lucknow and New Delhi in 2019, the operations were suspended in 2020 with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. When the train was recommissioned later, its frequency was reduced to about 4 days a week, in February 2021, given the lowered passenger load. However, the frequency faced another slash in January this year, with the Omicron rise. Since then, the IRCTC private train has been operating for only 3 days a week.

Since the pandemic situation is easing now, more services have been revived, said officials. They have also hinted at the likeliness of more trips are likely during Holi, to cater to the high festive rush. Last year also, the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express was scheduled as a daily train, during Holi.

Notably, Tejas Express is the only train in India that guarantees on-time arrival at the destination. If the journey is delayed for any reason, the passengers are given compensation, to make up for it.

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