Dengue spread intensifies in Lucknow with 26 new cases on Friday

Dengue spread intensifies in Lucknow with 26 new cases on Friday

Dengue cases chart rampant spread in August and September

The dengue rise in Lucknow reached yet another high on Friday when around 26 fresh infections were reported here. With this, the city's cumulative dengue tally stands at a total of 279 cases. While Lucknow's dengue spread has been prevalent for the past 9 months, about 214 cases of the total surge were detected in August and September alone. This marks the rampant spread of the vector-borne disease in the state capital, raising health concerns.

All patients test dengue positive through the ELISA test

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Out of the 26 fresh cases, two women visited Silver Jubilee Community Healthcare Centre (CHC) complaining about fatigue, joint pains and high fever. The CHCs at Aishbagh, NK Road, Chinhat, Aliganj and Turiya Ganj also witnessed an influx of people, with similar symptoms.

As per reports, 12 cases of the new surge were found in the investigation report of the Balrampur Hospital, while a patient at the SPM Civil Hospital OPD tested dengue positive via card test. Around 4 more patients were traced in the emergency department here. While the ELISA test has been designated to be an efficient dengue detector, the rapid test also proved to be beneficial at the Loknbandhu OPD in Lucknow. 3 people were screened here for the infection and a total of 4 were admitted for immediate aid.

Dr Milindvardhan of the Command Hospital in Lucknow informed that a jawan travelling from Dehradun was diagnosed with dengue in the cantonment area. Soon after, another soldier was found infected, during contact tracing. Notably, there are about 27 active dengue cases in Lucknow.

44 homes infested by dengue-causing mosquitoes

The regional health department conducted an inspection here to survey around 1,777 residence to check dengue spread. Reportedly, the larvae of dengue-causing Aedes aegypti mosquito were discovered in 44 houses in Mahanagar, Ruchi Khand, Rajiv Nagar and Chinhat localities during this drive. The health department has advised residents to prevent water accumulation in their locals and get their areas sanitised in a span of 24 hours.

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