180 projects worth ₹1710 crores green flagged in Lucknow on Tuesday

180 projects worth ₹1710 crores green flagged in Lucknow on Tuesday

The Defence Minister inaugurated 90 development schemes in Lucknow on Tuesday & laid the foundation of the other 90, read reports.

Lucknow is set to be the hotspot of development in the state, with new projects lined up in about 9 different fields, including civic, agriculture, medicine and other public sectors. As per reports, the upcoming provisions were flagged off by the Union Defence Minister in a function held in the city on Tuesday. Here, he launched about 180 projects, worth ₹1710 crores, including the establishment of bridges, multi-level parking centres and other infrastructural schemes.

Laying down the foundation of state-of-the-art facilities in Lucknow

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The Union Cabinet Minister of Defence on Tuesday, inaugurated around 90 projects while laying down the cornerstone for another 90, at a function organised in Lucknow for the opening of the Victoria Flyover in Chowk. In a speech here, the minister informed about the several schemes that are pegged to augment the installation of these state-of-the-art facilities and provisions in Lucknow.

As per reports, new projects will be inducted in the workings of the Public Works Department (PWD), Medical and Health, Irrigation, Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Lucknow Development Authority and Smart City project. The developments will also be streamlined and progressed under the banner of the 'Smart City' project, with support from the union and state administrations.

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