Spread over 100 acres, a new industrial hub to be created along Lucknow-Faizabad NH-28 highway

Spread over 100 acres, a new industrial hub to be created along Lucknow-Faizabad NH-28 highway

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In a bid to drive commercial movement from the state capital Lucknow to Ayodhya, an industrial hub will be set up along the four-lane NH-28 highway, within 65 km of Ayodhya's jurisdiction. As per reports, this industrial-friendly step has been moved under the banner of the Ayodhya Master Plan 2031. Another striking fact about this project is that it wouldn't require land from farmers, unlike other developmental projects. For this, industrialists will directly buy plots from landowners and Ayodhya District Authority will provide infrastructure.

Ayodhya to get a much-awaited makeover

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Taking a cue from the rapid expansion and industrialisation in Lucknow, the ADA has zoomed in on the development of Ayodhya. As per the report, the master plan for the same is likely to be finalised by December, post which it will be forwarded for the state government's sanction.

Business developers, industrialists and other associates of the commercial landscape can buy land directly from the owners. Infrastructure, on the other hand, will be completely backed by the ADA, stated officials. The master plan will include a total of 114 development projects, granted the final go by the UP administration to channel a modern infrastructure makeover for Ayodhya. The vision is to develop the district as a big city soon.

All projects will be completed on a war footing here to realise the plan soon, informed Principal secretary, housing and urban development Deepak Kumar. Along with this, many other development plans for UP's Basti and Gonda districts, under the authority of the ADA will also be launched in the coming days, concluded reports.

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