Lucknow Film Forum is bringing an exclusive webinar for budding film creators!

Lucknow Film Forum is bringing an exclusive webinar for budding film creators!

Besides the webinar, LFF is bringing their global-calibre film festival this year, for filmmakers from across the country.

The film industry is a realm of captivating beauty, where creativity illuminates screens with emotive tales. Behind the glamour, dedicated individuals involved in all kinds of distinct verticals of filmmaking harmonize their talents, crafting unforgettable experiences.

Embracing this ethos, AMREN Lucknow Film Forum (LFF) dedicates itself to nurturing a talent pool of filmmakers and proficient experts spanning diverse cinematic verticals within Uttar Pradesh. LFF diligently curates webinars, masterclasses, workshops, film festivals and beyond, advancing the quality of cinematic excellence in the state.

Enrol for an exclusive webinar on the intricacies of script writing and direction

Educating, inspiring and upskilling film enthusiasts for their journey in the film industry is a pivotal mission of the AMREN Lucknow Film Forum. In line with this commitment, LFF is organising an exclusive webinar on September 3, 12 PM onwards.

This online masterclass holds a special focus on the intricate art of Script Writing and Direction, meticulously curated and guided by the esteemed industry luminary, Jyoti Kapur Das. Drawing from her illustrious background as an alumna of FTII Pune, Jyoti Kapur Das has gained notable acclaim through her outstanding contributions to the film domain. Notably, her acclaimed short films 'Chutney' and 'Plus Minus' have garnered significant recognition, securing two Filmfare Awards within a span of just 3 years. Das, a highly regarded and critically acclaimed writer-director from the industry, will be hosting her individual online masterclass, for the first time ever in Lucknow.

What can the learners expect to learn during the webinar?

Beyond her cinematic achievements, Jyoti Kapur Das has been an instrumental figure across various cinematic projects and has assumed leadership positions within renowned entertainment companies.

This upcoming LFF webinar will delve into the intricacies lying within the captivating realm of storytelling and scriptwriting. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the techniques that breathe life into narratives, discovering how characters evolve, conflicts unfold and emotions resonate.

Moreover, aspiring filmmakers will also have the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the basics of film direction. From visualizing scenes to guiding actors and harnessing the power of camera angles, learners will be able to understand the technicalities involved in the art of direction.

Willing individuals can contact at +91-73555 09224, for additional details about the masterclass.

A stellar platform of the city which brings a huge opportunity for budding filmmakers

Glimpses from the previous LFF Short Film Festival in Lucknow
Glimpses from the previous LFF Short Film Festival in Lucknow

The AMREN Lucknow Film Forum emerges as the city's cinematic cornerstone, an unrivalled gem within the state's film landscape. Creating a path for emerging auteurs, the forum conducts grand cine-celebrations in Lucknow, orchestrating a red-carpet stage where artistic visionaries illuminate their filmmaking mastery before the film industry stalwarts.

This year, the visionary organizers behind the Lucknow Film Forum are elevating their role from curators of short film competitions by bringing their global-calibre film festival for filmmakers from across the country.

Showcase your mastery by presenting your film at LFF's upcoming film festival

During the forthcoming edition of LFF's film festival in Lucknow, participants will be able to showcase their prowess under a wide array of categories including Amateur Filmmaking, Experimental Films, Documentaries, Feature Films and more.

Individual filmmakers, enthusiasts and auteurs from different verticals of cinematic craftsmanship will have the extraordinary platform to present their cinematic mastery before an eminent panel of industry stalwarts, thespians and influential producers.

The winners stand to gain not only from a substantial prize pool but also the exceptional opportunity for selected competition films to be showcased on a global platform, significantly amplifying their outreach and visibility.

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