Lucknow gears up for battle against Polio; immunity-drive 2021 kickstarts at Dufferin hospital

Lucknow gears up for battle against Polio; immunity-drive 2021 kickstarts at Dufferin hospital

UP Polio immunisation drive 2021 to immunise over 3.4 crore children from Poliomyelitis, across the state.

UP's Polio Immunity Drive 2021 drive against Poliomyelitis kickstarted in Lucknow today at the Dufferin Hospital in Qaiserbagh. A statement issued by the Chief Minister's Office on Sunday stated that the campaign will begin from Dufferin Hospital in Lucknow and will subsequently expand through all state districts.

The 2021 Drive aims to provide polio drops to 3.4 crore children up to 5 years of age, across Uttar Pradesh. This drive will accommodate itself to devise the operations with respect to COVID-19 protocols.

Uttar Pradesh launches Polio Immunisation Campaign 2021

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Flagging off a day after the Nationwide Polio Immunisation Drive, the Uttar Pradesh Director General (Family Welfare) stated that the provisions of 1,10,000 polio booths and 69,000 teams have been made available in the state to conduct the drive. These teams will be tasked to visit houses in the state, providing polio drops in a door to door services.

Earlier, the countrywide drive was scheduled to happen on January 17, however, was delayed due to the launch of pan-India COVID inoculation drive on January 16. Post consultations with the office President of India, the MoHFW, the drive was slated for January 31, 2021. The campaign will stretch over 3 days, till Feb 2, read reports.

The Polio Immunity Drive 2021 will be conducted in adherence to the COVID-19 norms and protocols. All precautions to minimise direct contact will be undertaken, including mandatory maintenance of social distancing, wearing masks and gloves. Members of the drive, administering polio drops have to frequently wash their hands during the drive. In India, the polio immunisation drive occurs as a biannual event, generally in the early months.

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