Lucknow has been struggling with waste management, hygiene and cleanliness for long. While the cleanliness drive has brought in several big changes in the city, we are yet to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. In its bid to make the city cleaner, Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) joined hands with IIM Indore to implement the Indore model of cleanliness in the city.

With an aim to change the cityscape, Lucknow welcomes a new fleet of waste collection vehicles, cattle trucks and a state-of-the-art new manual scavenging robot.

What's the update?

New fleet of vehicles launched
Door to door waste collection vehicle

Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has been putting in tremendous efforts to make Lucknow cleaner under the Swachhta Mission and the Smart City Project. In order to enhance the city's existing waste management program, the LMC inaugurated a fleet of new waste collection vehicles.

The newly launched fleet includes over 100 vehicles which are categorised into solid waste collection vehicles, liquid waste collection vehicles, cattle catching trucks, sewer cleaning vehicles, anti-larvae sprinklers, as well as a new Manual Scavenging Robot.

Cattle catching vehicle
Solid waste collection vehicle

"We have 60 vehicles for solid waste collection, 6 for liquid waste collection, several anti-larvae sprinklers which will sprinkle the anti-larvae in the severs and the drains. We have also developed a new waste collection machine which will pick the waste haul it over its head to load itself. Apart from this we also have cattle catching trucks, emergency mobile vans and several other vehicles," a senior LMC official told Knocksense.

With the inauguration of these vehicles & machines, the LMC aims to tackle waste management and cleanliness head on. The aim is to clean the roads, check dumping of waste, loitering cattle and ensure door-to-door waste collection from homes.

This fleet of vehicles & machines were launched at the Samta Mulak Chauraha, on January 30th, bringing in new technology to help achieve the cleanliness goal.

The Manual Scavenging Robots

Built by a Kerala startup- GenRobotics, the Manual Scavenging Robot or 'Bandicoot' is a new and safer way to clean manholes in the city. The robot is operated manually with the help of a simple Google developed user interface which is easy to understand and work with. The robot has four cameras which are IP68 waterproof.

The robot is stationed on the manhole, goes inside, fills the waste bucket, pulls it up, hence cleaning the manhole without endangering the lives of people. The robot even has toxic gas sensors which can tell which toxic gasses are present inside manholes.

The robot is the first of its kind in Uttar Pradesh and helps to make the scavenging process safer as well as easy.

Knock Knock

With the launch of this new fleet of vehicles and machines, LMC hopes to make Lucknow a cleaner, safer and more hygienic. The move is laud worthy and we hope to soon spot these running along the city and making Lucknow a better place to live in.

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