Lucknow, give your furry friends a real treat with pet friendly cakes from Cake o’clock

Lucknow, give your furry friends a real treat with pet friendly cakes from Cake o’clock

Dogs are a man’s best friend and we cannot imagine living life without having the four legged bundle of joys to pet and care for. No matter how bad of a situation you’re stuck in, everything seems better when you doggo comes running at you at the end of a long-tiring day.

We go all out for our furry friends, we get them the cutest merch, the dankest tees and collars and the sauvest of all dog collars. And with this new facility of customised cakes for pets, you can now also order delicious treats, specially made for them.

Custom cakes just for your pets, focusing on their health and diet both. Sounds good right? With Cake o’clock in Lucknow you can now buy cakes that are especially curated for our furry friends.

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The heavy sugar and overflowing icing cakes are super unhealthy for our dogs, which is why, it becomes important to replace the unhealthy with healthy.

Cake o’clock, a delivery platform which is run by home baker and a dog enthusiast Shriya Mahendru is offering healthy cakes that are good for your dogs. Made from whole wheat flour, organic honey, carrots and peanut butter, these cakes are safe for your dog to chow down on and if they don’t have the dog biscuit decorations or you feel super excited, well, you can have them too!

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Popeye with his 1st birthday cake

Shriya who is a proud mom of two doggos- Sandy and Popeye, was inspired to create the cake on the birthday of her younger, Popeye. So be sure, that the cakes will not harm your cute dog.

Cake o’clock also has a ton of healthy dog biscuits, treats and snacks that are much better than the sugary blasphemy available in the markets.

So the next time you’re thinking of treating your dog or making their birthday a tiny bit more special than usual, get them the special cakes and snacks from Cake o’clock and look at them smile as they chomp on the tasty treats.

Check out their Instagram profile here, or call them at: 9554444462

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