'Hello Doctor' COVID helpline number launched in Lucknow as daily spike exceeds 1k mark

'Hello Doctor' COVID helpline number launched in Lucknow as daily spike exceeds 1k mark

Dial 0522-3515700 to seek free-of-cost tele-consulting services in Lucknow

Amid the rampant case rise in Lucknow, the district administration on Sunday issued the Hello Doctor COVID helping number to streamline free of cost tele-consulting services here. COVID patients, isolated at home, can now dial 0522-3515700 to reach out to doctors at integrated control rooms in case of health emergencies, for medical advice or treatment-related information.

The administration also released the ICCC complaint number and urged the public to dial 0522-4523000 and report cases of protocol violations, if any.

1115 new cases reported on Sunday

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A fresh load of 1115 new cases were reported in Lucknow on Sunday, the biggest single-day spike in about 7 months. Reportedly, the city last reported over 1000 cases on May 11, 2021, during the peak phase of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. In wake of this alarming surge, a district review meeting was conducted on Sunday to discuss and implement a fresh pandemic-control action plan.

With this multipronged model, the Lucknow district administration aims to curb the growth rate of COVID in the city. The system is taking all measures to treat the infection, bolster defence and prevent a successive rise. City dwellers needs to do their bit now and follow all protocols, adhere to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and flatten the curve of the virus.

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