Himanshu Bajpai scripts golden dastan for Lucknow, wins Sahitya Akademi Award 2021!

Himanshu Bajpai scripts golden dastan for Lucknow, wins Sahitya Akademi Award 2021!

Bajpai has bagged the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar 2021 in Hindi language for his debut work, 'Qissa Qissa Lucknowa-Lucknow ke Awami Qisse'

Adding to the festive cheer, this year's Sahitya Akademi Award winners list has brought a wave of happiness to the city. Lucknow's Dastango, Himanshu Bajpai has bagged the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar 2021 in Hindi, for his debut work, 'Qissa Qissa Lucknowa-Lucknow ke Awami Qisse'. Notably, apart from proving his mettle as a storyteller, author and journalist, Himanshu has also garnered praise for his cameo in the Netflix original series Sacred Games.

Dastangoi in the age of digitisation

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Talking about the relevance of Dastangoi as a form of art in today's age of technology and digitisation, the 34-year-old author said, "This art form has lived through many centuries and changes, yet its effect is manifold. It originates from the time when 'sunana' and 'kehna' (story-telling) was very basic. Writing and reading came much later, yet Dastangoi had the biggest influence. I don't think this digital world will ever be a challenge".

"The book was based on my love for the city. I am elated to learn that the book consisting of tales of Lucknow is being appreciated. I am missing my guru Padma Shree Yogesh Praveen, who passed away in April. I want to dedicate this achievement to the city of Lucknow and my guru," added the storyteller.

For the love of Lucknow!

Moving over the stereotypical gaze of Nawab and Kebabs, this collection of short stories offers the readers a chance to dive in and explore a fresh and nuanced perspective of the city, that is Lucknow. Dipped in the sweetness of the unique Lakhnawi dialect, this book is an engrossing read.

Released in 2019, this book is an ode to Lucknow, to its places and its people by Himanshu who claims to be a true-blue Lucknowite. A compilation of famous anecdotes, stories and fables, this book introduces the originality of the city, its culture and the ever-so-famous tehzeeb of the City of Nawabs!

-wWith inputs from IANS

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