Summer heat to intensify in Lucknow & other UP districts, mercury may rise up to 44°C says MeT

Summer heat to intensify in Lucknow & other UP districts, mercury may rise up to 44°C says MeT

Regional MeT Centre has issued alert for Loo across UP till April 12

Amid the already scorching hot weather conditions across North India, the Uttar Pradesh Regional MeT Centre has warned against intense heat waves across the state in the coming week. The rising mercury is expected to peak at 44°C across several state districts, including the capital city Lucknow, as per the forecast report. An alert has also been sounded for Loo (hot summer winds) till April 12.

Hot weather to prevail for next 5 days

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The Forecast Centre of the Meteorological Department has stated that the Lucknow weather will be characterised by high temperatures along with clear and intense sunny skies for the next 5 days. The MeT has further indicated a 0% chance of rains during this time. A similar effect will also be seen across several other districts.

While the present day and night temperatures balance at 44.2°C and 24.1°C, Lucknow dwellers need to prepare for low-diurnal range temperatures (less difference between day and night temperatures) and continental extremes.

UP is experiencing hot and dry weather these days. As soon as the sun rises, all atmospheric moisture begins to dissipate due to the loo. A warning has also been issued by the Meteorological Department which states that people should come out of the house only when it is very necessary in case of a severe heatwave.

In view of these extreme heat and heatwave conditions, doctors too have advised people to avoid leaving their houses in the afternoon. Those who have to necessarily should do so only after drinking water well and covering their heads with cotton or muslin cloth. Eating seasonal fruits like cucumber, watermelon or other substitutes with high-water content is also prescribed.

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