Watch Rahgir perform LIVE at The Indie Music Fest in Lucknow on March 26!

Watch Rahgir perform LIVE at The Indie Music Fest in Lucknow on March 26!

Have you booked your ticket yet?

All the music lovers are in luck for Knocksense is back with yet another Pop-Out Loud event in Lucknow and this time it's only gonna get bigger and better. Known for his soulful compositions and hit singles like Mere Gaon Aage, Kachha Ghada and others, Rahgir is set to add a hint of the authentic Rajasthani folk songs in Lucknow's air. So dear Lucknowites, get ready to snap your fingers and sing along at the city's first-ever Indie Music & Beer Fest on March 26.

Rahgir milega yahin!

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A verified Spotify artist, Rahgir is a popular offbeat folk singer from Rajasthan who has disrupted the music industry with his mellow compositions backed by powerful words. Offering the perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani folk tunes and contemporary millennial music, Rahgir's original creations are soul-soothing concoctions.

Also, if you didn't know, Rahgir is the voice behind the sensational 'Aadmi Chutiya Hai', a song that has gone viral on Instagram. So, if you wish to make a reel during his live performance, this is your golden chance to do so. Just make sure your phone is fully charged as you hop on this musical ride!

Musically-lit fest!

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Now that the line-up of Lucknow's first-ever Indie Music & Beer Fest is out, all you've gotta do is, get your membership/tickets right away! With renowned bands like The Yellow Diary, Lucknow's indie-pop band Ab & Aryaman, Singer Ashwin Adwani, Chaand Baaliyan fame Aditya A. and of course, Rahgir, it sure is going to be one musically-lit fest!

Knock Knock

Get ready to get knocked out at this wondrous event full of power-packed performances for we are also handing out 5 FREE BEERS to all! So, there's music, there's booze and a whole lot of fun that is awaiting you this 26th at the city's first of its kind festival. Grab your passes right away to make sure you don't miss out on the madness that is going to take over the city!

Location: Dayal Gateway, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Timings: 4:00 PM onwards

Ticket price:

  • SELECT, SELECT MINI Members- ₹1
  • Platinum members- ₹500
  • New Users- ₹1700 ( Platinum membership + Ticket)

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