New German hangars to be used to increase passenger holding capacity at Lucknow Int'l Aiport

New German hangars to be used to increase passenger holding capacity at Lucknow Int'l Aiport

The hangar can hold up to 200 passengers, aiding systematic provisional facilities for COVID screening at Lucknow Airport

Lucknow Airport Authorities have decided to scale up passenger holding capacity at the international terminus, in line with the recently issued mandatory COVID testing norms for all passengers here. However, with airport provisions not meeting the needs of the heavy passenger footfall here, the authorities have decided to set up a provisional German hangar, that can accommodate up to 200 passengers at one time. This hangar will notably be set up by the same agency that had set up hangars at the Defense Expo 2020, held in Lucknow.

Upcoming provisional facilities at Lucknow In't Airport

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In an order issued by the Director-General of Civil Aviation, all foreign passengers and those travelling from abroad need to get screened for the Omicron variant of COVID-19 immediately on arrival. While the Lucknow airport authorities have set up provisions for the same, including 4 sampling and registration booths and 95 rapid PCR machines, they could only arrange for temporary tents as yet to lodge as many as 120 flyers awaiting test results.

Thus, the administration at the Lucknow International Airport, under the guidance of Officer SC Hota has decided to scale the provisional facilities here. This includes the 200 capacity hangar, which will not only increase the passenger holding volume here but also provide better aid to flyers and shield them from freezing temperatures.

Besides, the 50-seater waiting area will be equipped with basic amenities such as food and beverage facilities, Wi-Fi and foreign exchange service. Directives to install temporary toilets, in addition to the existing ones, have also been rolled out. This will ensure prime sanitary conditions for all those stationed here, against the pandemic backdrop.

- With inputs from Pawan Kaushal

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