Lucknow IPL Team name finalised!  Can you keep it a secret until the official reveal?

Lucknow IPL Team name finalised!  Can you keep it a secret until the official reveal?

Mentor Gautam Gambhir creates buzz around Lucknow IPL Team name, teases fans with just two letters!

IPL Season 15 debutante, the Lucknow Franchise received formal clearance from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on January 11, paving the pitch for its name, player and logo reveal. But it seems that cricket fans have to wait for more, keep a secret even, until the official name is announced. A 'gram post shared by the team mentor Gautam Gambhir has hit just the boundary in churning a buzz among netizens, with a teaser reveal of what seems like an 'A' and 'N' in the name!

While speculations suggest the title to be either Lucknow Panthers or Rangers, the post pointedly asks us to keep a secret. Pardon us, we definitely cannot keep calm and if you share the sentiment, do let us know in the comments if you think the letters can make another name!

Is this the turning point of IPL?

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The upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League will don an all-new look, for more reasons than one. For starters, two new teams, the RPSG Group's Lucknow franchise and the CVC's Ahmedabad are all set to debut in Season 15, scaling the T-20 league format to support 10 teams now.

Both the teams on Tuesday received the formal BCCI clearance and have been given two week's time to sign players deemed to be recruited outside the mega-auction. "Yes, a formal clearance has been given to both Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises. Both of them have been given two weeks' time to finalize their draft picks," IPL chairman Brijesh Patel said in a statement. He also informed that "the auction will be held in Bengaluru on February 12 and 13".

In addition to that, the title sponsorship of India's biggest cricket festival has been transferred from VIVO to TATA; changing the name of the league to TATA Indian Premier League officially. Vivo will still back the contest as a significant sponsor.

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