UP becomes the first state in India to record more than 11 crore vaccinations!

UP becomes the first state in India to record more than 11 crore vaccinations!

Lucknow has contributed significantly to the state's vaccination tally, with over 39.42 lakh doses given in the city till now.

In a remarkable feat, Uttar Pradesh has become the first state in the country to record the administration of more than 11 crore COVID vaccination doses. According to logs, the total count of inoculations administered in the state touched the 11.07 crore mark by 9 PM on Monday. Further, official figures state that Lucknow has contributed significantly to the state's vaccination tally, with over 39.42 lakh doses given in the city.

UP forges ahead with 15% fully inoculated citizens

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Next to Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra stands second on the list with more than 8.4 crore administered doses. While two of the most populous states are leading the nation's immunisation tally, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and West Bengal are also amongst the top performers, with over 6.43 crore, 6.20 crore and 5.93 crore doses administered respectively.

Notably, about 59% of the eligible population in Uttar Pradesh are partially inoculated while nearly 15% have been vaccinated fully. This includes 2.2 crore doubly vaccinated individuals while 8.85 crore citizens have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccination. As per official figures, the state has a cumulative vaccination target of vaccinating around 15.04 crore people.

Lucknow leads UP's inoculation drive with more than 39.42 lakh doses

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In total, over 31 districts of UP have managed to administer more than 15 lakh doses. The city-wise bifurcation is led by Lucknow with more than 39.42 lakh doses. Amid other cities with a high number of inoculations, Prayagraj (28.77 lakhs), Ghaziabad (28.68 lakhs), Gorakhpur (27.74 lakhs) and Kanpur Nagar (26.17 lakhs) are some of the prominent names. Now, the authorities are trying to extend the second dose vaccination coverage to as many people as possible.

On Monday, 16 new cases were marked in the state while 17 recoveries were recorded. On a positive note, Uttar Pradesh's COVID recovery rate has touched the 98.7% mark whereas the mortality rate has sloped down to 1.3%.

-With inputs from IANS.

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