ICMR announces Lucknow's KGMU as its Advanced Centre for Clinical Trials

ICMR announces Lucknow's KGMU as its Advanced Centre for Clinical Trials

The medical feat will help boost the number of clinical trials in Lucknow, resulting in prompt results

Lucknow's apex health institute, the King George's Medical University now also holds an Advanced Centre for Clinical Trials (ACCT) of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). As the name suggests, the centre of excellence will effectively help to increase the number, towards faster and accurate results in Lucknow.

KGMU is noteworthily the only institute in Uttar Pradesh that has been selected by the ICMR for setting up the trials unit, under the Indian Clinical Trials and Education Network initiative. This pronounces the centre's significant medical contribution during the pandemic era and otherwise while highlighting its overall national importance.

KGMU is the only ACCT in the Central Zone

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The Advanced Centre for Clinical Trials at KGMU is Lucknow will be developed as a centralized system for clinical trials of medicines and vaccines, creating an independent specialised unit in the state. The ACCT will help to increase the number of tests conducted in a day, producing accurate results, without any lag.

As per reports, the command of the ACCT has been entrusted to MS Dr Himanshu, who will monitor all aspects of the day-to-day functions here. This pivotal unit will be the only Advanced Center for Clinical Trials located in the Central Zone of the country. Around 11 other institutes have been included in the Indian Clinical Trials and Education Network active across India, where Advanced Clinical Trial Centre will be installed in a nationwide zone format.

12 ACCTs to come up across India

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ACCT will be set up at AIMS Delhi and PGI Zones in the North Zone, while SMS Jaipur, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Maharashtra and ICMR-NARI has been chosen for the same in the West Zone. In the East Zone, ACCTs will be installed at AIIMS Bhubaneshwar and ICMR-NICED in Kolkata.

The North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute at Shillong will be the sole ACCT in the North East Regions while JIPMER in Puducherry, St Johns Medical College in Bengaluru and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi will house similar units. Apart from this, six regional centres, 20 ICMR centres, and 6 super speciality centres for clinical trials have also been been set up.

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