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Lucknow's KGMU launches a new clinic for treatment & prevention of blood-related diseases

The centre aims to provide guidance to individuals suffering from blood-related disorders or conditions that may lead to them.

Amplifying the healthcare infrastructure in Lucknow, the first-of-its-kind clinic for preventive haematology has been inaugurated at King George's Medical University. This centre will function at the outpatient door (OPD) chamber of the haematology department every Saturday. Offering services related to preventive treatment and consultation, the facility aims to provide effective guidance to individuals suffering from hematologic disorders or conditions that may lead to them.

Clinic officials to spread awareness about blood-related problems

The new clinic will ensure therapy and cure for the blood-related ailments to patients diagnosed with a disorder. Besides this, the doctors will also provide consultation to those who might develop such problems. In addition to this, officials from the clinic will spread awareness about hematologic problems amongst the patients in the university's hospital.

Prof A.K. Tripathi, head of the haematology department, said, "Blood-related disorders can be prevented by taking certain measures. For example, anaemia is caused due to deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or folate and drug induction can be prevented through diet and medication."

Doctors to provide consultations for the genetic blood disorders

Further, he informed that genetic blood disorders like thalassemia and haemophilia can be detected at the nascent stage and the condition can be prevented from deteriorating. He said, "There is also a possibility that parents suffering from thalassemia or haemophilia can pass it on to their children. We can find out whether the unborn child is suffering from any of the two disorders through a hemogram test on the foetus during pregnancy."

In case the seriousness is less, preventive steps can be undertaken to control the aggravation of the disease after birth. On the other hand, if high severity is detected, the mother can be advised for terminating the pregnancy. The doctor informed that it is difficult for such kids to survive or they have to lead a life full of hardships.

Towards the goal of an anaemia free India

KMGU vice-chancellor Lt. Gen. Dr Bipin Puri asserted that this centre will also aid the cause of anaemia free India. "Awareness will help people suffering from blood disorders to report early, thus preventing the disease from aggravating and taking a toll on psychological, physical and financial health," he said.

- With inputs from IANS

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