PWD begins construction of Khurram Nagar Flyover in Lucknow

PWD begins construction of Khurram Nagar Flyover in Lucknow

Public Works Department has started the work of soil testing for the flyover

The construction of the much-needed Khurram Nagar flyover has finally begun in Lucknow. Stretching from Khurram Nagar crossing to Sector 25 crossing, near ICCMRT, this flyover is being built at a cost of ₹180 crores and will reportedly benefit more than 5 lakh commuters daily. The route currently witnesses daily traffic congestions, resulting in a wait time of about 30-35 minutes, thus making the flyover a need of the hour!

PWD starts soil testing

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Executive Engineer (NH) of the Public Works Department, Rajiv Rai, informed that the foundation stone of the Khurram Nagar Flyover was already laid last month and the executing body has now started the work of soil testing. Meanwhile, all sewer and water lines will be shifted for this flyover whereas the power poles will be replaced by an underground power supply, added the Executive Engineer.

Reportedly, the section from Khurram Nagar to Sector 25 intersection will be built in the first phase of this project while construction of cloverleaf directed towards Kurkrail Flyover is expected to come up in the second phase. With these upcoming interventions, the Khurram Nagar Flyover will be connected straight to the Kukrail Flyover.

Flyover to put an end to traffic woes on this route

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Once ready, the overpass is expected to benefit over 50,000 residents of the nearby areas including Vikas Nagar and Kalyanpur. Moreover, this development project will also ease matters for people living in or travelling to Saket Vihar, Pant Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Adil Nagar, Sugamau, Maleshemau, Jarhara along with Manas Green.

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