Got the jab? Celebrate with THESE 9 exclusive KnockOFF privileges in Lucknow!

Got the jab? Celebrate with THESE 9 exclusive KnockOFF privileges in Lucknow!

Read on to check out the 9 exclusive KnockOFF membership privileges.

If you're a Lucknowite who has a keen appetite for the finer things in life, then there's no way that you haven't heard of KnockOFF or aren't a member already! Lucknow comes with its own set of perks and this membership plan is the latest of it all, hitting the bull's eye like no other. Since its launch in March, KnockOFF has wooed hedonists with its exemplary spread of offers and this time around, there are 9 exclusive deals up for grabs by all the vaccinated members only. So if you're a part of the KnockOFF fam or are looking for reasons to invest in any of its membership options, then read on to check out the privileges!

Knock Knock

Joining hands with the best brands in the city, across all sectors, KnockOFF is presenting you with exclusive privileges at your fingertips! All you have to do is download the Knocksense mobile app right away, available on Play Store and App Store and you'll figure out the rest. With 2 kinds of membership options at the moment- Silver and Platinum, KnockOFF is taking care of your needs and your pockets.
Also, do remember that these deals are valid only from June 29 to July 1 and only vaccinated KnockOFF patrons will be on the receiving end of these entitlements. Thus, if you too wish to make use of these deals, get vaccinated ASAP and subscribe to any of the KnockOFF plans to spend less and save so much more!

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