Industrial plots in Talkatora & Aishbagh areas of Lucknow can be used as housing units!

Industrial plots in Talkatora & Aishbagh areas of Lucknow can be used as housing units!

The decision has come as a big relief to the owners of a few industrial plots who've been waiting to use their lands for housing purposes for many years

In a bid to turn the city into a Smart City, the district administration has now approved the use of industrial plots as residential buildings in the Talkatora and Aishbagh areas of Lucknow. With this new norm, the use of industrial lands as housing units has now become easier in Lucknow. This also means that multi-storey residential buildings can be constructed in these two industrial areas in the city.

Move to boost development work in the city

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The government had earlier given the approval to convert plot number 148A into a residential complex with certain conditions. On similar notes, other plots in these areas can also be used for similar purposes. According to reports, there are more than 100 industrial plots in Aishbagh and Talkatora Industrial Area.

Notably, the industries in these areas were shut down as they were surrounded by residential colonies on all sides. While some entrepreneurs have started using the plots as godowns and warehouses most plots are still lying vacant here. The owners of these lands have been demanding the government's approval to put these lands for housing purposes for many years.

After realising the huge demand for this approval, the authorities have finally announced this change in property norms in the city now. According to the officials, this move is expected to further development works in the city now.

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