Lucknow launches an extensive drive on Monday to ensure people wear masks in public places

Lucknow launches an extensive drive on Monday to ensure people wear masks in public places

A fine of ₹100 will be levied on those flouting the mandatory mask-rule in public spaces.

Starting today, Lucknow has activated an extensive campaign to enforce COVID-19 protocols to prevent a heightened spread of coronavirus infection in the city. In a statement issued on Sunday, the Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order informed that this drive will ensure the general public is armed with face masks, especially in crowded spaces. As per established protocols, a ₹100 fine will be levied on people flouting this norm to encourage people to adhere to preventive protocols.

Fresh COVID tallies rise over the 100-mark for the 2nd consecutive day in Lucknow

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This vigorous drive has been launched in response to the exponential rise of COVID-19 cases in Luckow. About 136 new cases were reported here on Sunday, clocking the daily district case count over the 1000-mark for the second consecutive day. Consequently, the state and district authorities have directed concerned officials to implement strict pandemic protocols to arrest the spread of coronavirus and break the chain of infection.

All police station in-charges and other field officers are now tasked to look after the proper enforcement of the protocols in market areas and other crowded places like offices, restaurants, malls, railway stations and bus stations. The city police department has also been deployed to sensitise people about preventive protocols and their importance.

A fine will be levied on all people flouting the mandatory mask norm in crowded places. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus last year, nearly 1.5 lakh people have been fined in Lucknow for not wearing a face mask in public spaces. Besides this, people also need to follow other norms such as social distancing, washing hands regularly, sanitising surfaces and objects of high contact and general hygiene.

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