Majestic & grand, Sapphire-Premium Banquet at Metro City is Lucknow's new royal wedding venue!

Majestic & grand, Sapphire-Premium Banquet at Metro City is Lucknow's new royal wedding venue!

A confluence of luxury & extravagance, Sapphire is catering a destination-wedding like experience, right here in Lucknow

The wedding season is set to begin soon and if you're also caught up in the whirlwind shenanigans of a 'big fat Indian wedding', we have a little something for you that is a complete gamechanger! An all-new wedding stop, the Sapphire Banquet at Metro City centre has found its place in Lucknow and this premium venue is exactly what you need to notch up the royal quotient of your regal wedding.

A hallmark of convenience & splendour

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A luxury offering, Sapphire Banquet is the brainchild of Hotel Arif Castles, one of the most iconic players of Lucknow's hospitality business for over 3 decades now. As such, when you choose this boutique venue to host your dreamy wedding, you choose a tailor-made venue that is crafted to catch the pulse of its guests. Sapphire is the key solution to all those venue-related issues, making it our favourite and top choice for several others this wedding season!

Cocooned in its own world, within the heart of the city, Sapphire Banquet is an easy-to-approach venue, no matter where you're travelling from. With a broad road that extends before the destination, this place cancels the chance of any bottlenecks and traffic menace, you may face en route. And trust us, if you don't want the bride's entry song to clash with another baarat in town, this has place has to be your pick!

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The Sapphire Banquet hall in Lucknow is an extravagant set-up, a dream concept wedding venue that is equipped with all the needs to meet your expectations. Ample surface and basement parking systems and other contemporary facets make this wedding destination a hallmark of comfort and ease, that surely deserves your attention!

A wedding destination, straight out of your dreams!

Sprawling across a gigantic area of 10,000 square feet, Sapphire will surely become the crowned contestant of your wedding venue hunt in no time. Wrapped in a warm-luxe vibe and class apart opulence, the venue has it all to be THE wedding destination, straight out of your dreams!

Curated tastefully, with two additional halls, a crystal pool area and an open terrace garden, this banquet space encircles sophisticated interiors and a polished classy outlook, elaborating magnificence with panache.

A gourmet feat for a grand wedding

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Indian weddings are just incomplete without a grand feast and honestly, not getting the right catering deal can truly be a deal-breaker! And guess what, you push even these worries aside when you're picking Sapphire Banquet. Their in-house kitchen whips epicurean delights that are rich and authentic in their essence. Your spread here is prepared specially by gourmet chefs and Raqabdaars for Awadhi dishes and Maharajas for vegetarian classics!

And that's not tall, Sapphire also specialised in world-cuisines too, where trained culinary experts look after your banquet needs and food galore! To put it simply, Sapphire has got you all covered if varied food choices and an expansive food affair define a good wedding for you!

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Sapphire Banquet is that one location that is checking through a whole list of pointers you would have to zero in on the perfect wedding destination. From courteous and hospitable staff, a delectable spread of cuisines and a royal grandeur all come together here to wing your experience! You've got to crack this deal right away, to make your wedding as hassle-free as memorable.

Location: Metro City Centre, Nishatganj, Lucknow

Contact: +91 88533 25552

Contact Person: Sumit Saxena

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