Lucknow Metro bags 'Energy Conservation Award 2021' for its green initiatives!

Lucknow Metro bags 'Energy Conservation Award 2021' for its green initiatives!

Lucknow Metro has taken several measures to attain an 'energy-conscious' image.

The Lucknow Metro project of the UPMRCL has been awarded the 'Energy Conservation Award 2021', for its effective and efficient usage of available resources. This honour has been bestowed by the Delhi-based non-profit organisation, Greentech Foundation, at a function organised in Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir. As per reports, the initiatives by Lucknow Metro have substantially reduced carbon footprints, leaving a green impression in its wake.

Saving power resource through 'Regenerative Braking Systems'

Lucknow Metro has been championing an environment-friendly approach towards development since its inception, which have now been highlighted by virtue of the Greentech award. The Lucknow Metro corridor is completely equipped with 100% LED lighting and all stations along with the metro rakes, have these installations which effectively save a substantial amount of power and energy.

Besides, the metro rakes are designed with regenerative braking technology, which also helps to cut down on electricity usage. This high-tech rolling stock aids in saving up to 40% of energy, when compared to traditional systems. Reportedly, Lucknow Metro has also employed this regenerative braking system across lifts, which contributes to saving 37% of energy, across the installed elevator systems.

Lucknow Metro uses solar plants as alternative energy

The UP Metro Rail Corporation has planted a total of 1.38MW solar units as yet. This ensures a supply of 30 lakh units of alternative electricity, annually. As per the UPMRCL PRO, Nancy Arora, a proposal to install solar panels across the city metro corridor has also been tabled.

The usage of solar power helps to lower the carbon footprints of UPMRC's project and this energy resource is also notably more cost-effective than grid-derived electricity.

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