Lucknow Metro saves 2 lakh litres of water every year through its harvesting projects!

Lucknow Metro saves 2 lakh litres of water every year through its harvesting projects!

On the occasion of World Water Day, learn about UPMRC hailed Lucknow Metro's dediaction and achievments!

In recent times, Lucknow Metro has evolved as one of the most enterprising local transit systems in the country. As per the latest announcements of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation, Lucknow Metro has successfully implemented rainwater harvesting initiatives, collecting and using 2 lakh litres of rainwater every year. On the occasion of World Water Day, the metro authority released these statistics through its social media platform.

Lucknow Metro's committed efforts towards water conservation

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While the metro rails in Lucknow have definitely eased local commute for city dwellers, the station complexes housing an array of facilities, make the metro, the most well-equipped means of transport in the city. With well-furnished interiors and sufficient parking spaces, Lucknow Metro makes sure that maximum benefits accrue to its beneficiaries. Subsequently, the metro authorities have also executed initiatives for upgrading the environment and the surrounding ecosystem. As a part of it, comes this innovative rainwater harvesting scheme which has assuredly enhanced water conservation in the city.

UPMRC declared that the objective of Lucknow Metro is to also ensure water conversation as much as possible. Through efficient storage, Lucknow Metro has made over 2 lakh litres of rainwater available for a varied range of alternate usage. Given the proactive initiative, it can be easily observed that the metro authorities in Lucknow are strongly committed to a better tomorrow.

Choose the eco-friendly metro for a cleaner and greaner Lucknow!

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Beating the usual fuel-run vehicles, Lucknow Metro is not only cost-effective but also an environment-friendly means of local travel. Curbing the pollution levels and facilitating comfortable and upgraded journeys for local commuters, Lucknow Metro serves a range of purposes. Thus, if you opt for this rapid transit system, you mark your contributions towards a safe and secure tomorrow too.

Alternatively, this becomes more important as a recent report released by IQAir placed Lucknow on the 9th rank amongst the list of most polluted cities in the world. While Lucknow Metro's efforts in this direction are clearly visible, the city residents need to be more responsible and aware of the current circumstances.

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