Here's how you can help Lucknow from missing out on major Smart City funding

Lucknow might just lose out on a huge amount of Smart City project funding, but your 5 minutes may yet save it!

The city which has been known for its old world charm, its monuments and the architecture, is today studded with skyscrapers and endless opportunities of development. New flyovers, traffic management systems, and better roads are not the only things that are in-store for Lucknow, the city has been making major progress when it comes to smart city projects.

However, the city might just lose out on the opportunity to receive major funding and that could be because of us Lucknowites. As the residents of Lucknow you can still help the city remain in the running for the union Smart City Fund, here's how!

What's the update?

The union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has been conducting an "Ease of Living" survey across the country which surveys the living standards of 100 cities in the country. This survey is a competition which determines which city has the best amenities and then awards an extra smart city fund for the cities which qualify the competition with a good ranking.

The survey started on February 1 and will be on till February 29. It requires 2 lakh residents to give their city and its amenities feedback, yet so far only 600 people have given their feedbacks and taken the survey.

Which means that if the city loses out on funds, it may not be able to fund more innovative projects for the development of Lucknow. So if you want to help your city, here's what you can do to make sure that Lucknow still remains in the competition.

How to help?

Go to the government's official citizen website and login/register easily with your name, date of birth and phone number. You can then proceed to the survey section of the website, click on the 'Start Survey' tab of the website and give your honest feedback.

You can also do the same by downloading the MyGov app on your phones, login/register and click on the 'Poll' tab on the home-screen of the app, take the survey and keep Lucknow in the winning.

Knock Knock

The 'Ease of living' survey will determine the standard of living Lucknow has and it will also make sure that Lucknow gets a fighting chance to win the competition. So all you loyal Lucknowites, open your laptops and take out your phones, because a few minutes from your end will make sure that Lucknow remains in the fight.

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