Scintillating nights amid joyful Christmas vibes await you at Molecule in Lucknow this weekend

Scintillating nights amid joyful Christmas vibes await you at Molecule in Lucknow this weekend

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Christmas is around the corner and who says you have to wait until the festival eve to revel in its cheer? If you can't wait to get the celebrations started, this piece of good news will have you jumping with joy, in no time!

Known for its kick-ass parties and amazing rooftop views, Molecule in Lucknow is all set to put you in the party mood, this weekend. The Air Bar truly believes that 'tis the season to make merry and has set up a lit bash to notch up the Chrimbo joys! So if you don't want to miss the fun, it's time to call your gang and put on your dancing shoes already.

Where else would you rather be, this Christmas?

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Drumrolls fit more aptly than jingle bells for the Christmas eve at Molecule Air Bar in Lucknow is going to bring DJ ELEKTROHIT, followed by DJ Santa in the house for you guys! A special A3 menu will be on offer and you can binge feast on the season's special delights all through the day at this rooftop.

Dressed in the Yuletide look, Molecule will sport the Christmas-classic red & white decor, just to set the right vibe of your party spree here! So don't forget to click that open-air selfie to give your 'gram an aesthetic snap.

The real party begins at 8 PM here and you can join the merrymaking at just ₹2,000 per person! Couples, don't worry! Your party scenes will be good to go at a full cover cost of ₹4,000 and that sounds like a Christmas miracle deal you must tap on!

X-Mas special lunch and dinner on December 25!

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On December 25, you can enjoy a lavish Christmas lunch along with a live performance of Aaria Melody Band, to make merry. A specially crafted festive menu by Chef Chanchal will be up for grabs here, and guess what?! This ala-carte feast will be cooked right before you at the live food station, in the terrace areas, and you can pick your favs at your pace! To make the festival sweeter, Santa Claus himself will be joining the celebrations and frolic, all through the day.

The dinner scene at Molecule on X-mas are gonna be star-lit with Manmohan Thakur along with resident DJ taking over the console to make your hair flip and toes turn on the dance floor. Your meals and drinks will be prepped straight out of the oh-so-fancy A3 menu to make the day even better. Cover passes are priced at ₹2000 for stag and ₹4000 for couples, starting 8 PM.

One for Good Luck!

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To ease the festive fever, Molecule will be wrapping up Christmas week with a Retro night that's got a surprise packed for us all! This outdoor concert is all you need to stretch your celebrations for one-more day and push the hangover concerns to the week. Needless to say, Molecules will be serving its season's special menu on December 26, in the spirit of one extra day for good luck! Cover passes start at ₹2000 for stag and ₹4000 for couples, 8 PM onwards.

Knock Knock

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If here in Lucknow, then embrace the festive spirit at Molecule Air Bar because their deals are what Christmas miracles are made of! So get textin' and callin' your squad because you cannot afford to miss the festive fun at Molecule Air Bar in Lucknow. Contact 7800002880/881 to book your passes today.

Location: 7th Floor, Riverside Mall, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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