Lucknow-Mumbai special train services to begin from December 16-31, at additional costs

Lucknow-Mumbai special train services to begin from December 16-31, at additional costs

One of the busiest routes of the Indian Railways right now is the Lucknow-Mumbai stretch with a long waiting list of passengers. As per reports, till March 26-27, 2021, there are no seats available, due to the Holi festivity around that time, which has been the root cause behind the inconvenience of travellers, who want to travel to Mumbai from Lucknow, in the coming weeks. So in a bid to provide relief in such a situation, the Indian Railways is yet again all set to run a special train on the Lucknow-Mumbai route, from the 16th of December till the 31st of January.

Additional costs to be paid for seat reservations

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Although this much-needed move will make travel easier for passengers, the additional costs to be paid will not be easy for the pockets. The 12107/08 Lucknow Junction-LTT Superfast service which was halted back in March due to the ongoing pandemic, will now resume once again, for 20 rounds of a trip between Lucknow and Mumbai. Tatkal ticket charges will be added to the base fare of the train.

Schedule of the 12107/08 Lucknow Junction-LTT Superfast train

This train will leave Lokmanya Tilak Terminal on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 4:25 PM. It will cross Thane at 4:45 PM, Kalyan at 5:10 PM, Nashik at 7:35 PM, Bhusaval at 11:25 PM, Bhopal at 5:40 AM, Lalitpur at 8:19 AM, Jhansi at 9:45 AM, Orai at 11:35 AM, Kanpur Central at 2 PM and finally reach Lucknow Junction at 3:30 PM.

Similarly, Train 02108 will depart from Lucknow Junction at 10:45 PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and reach LTT at 9:50 PM, the next day. The train will have 12 sleepers, 4 AC three-tier coaches, 1 AC two-tier coach and 22 coaches of second seating class.

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