Railways increase train services between Lucknow-Mumbai to cater to festive season rush

Railways increase train services between Lucknow-Mumbai to cater to festive season rush

The move is pegged to relieve passengers from the troubles of long waiting lists.

Ushering in relief for train passengers, the North East Divison of the Indian Railways has decided to increase the frequency of rail services between Lucknow and Mumbai, this festive season. Reportedly, the waiting lists of trains plying along this corridor has already reached as high as 250. The move is pegged to divert the footfall across several trains, improving the availability of tickets and easing travel.

Increased trains to enhance travel; check schedule here:

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The festival season is usually marked by increased travel and as such, unavailability of reservations. To tackle this, it has been decided that the railways will increase the frequency of trains between Mumbai and Lucknow. The Chief PRO of the North Eastern Railway, Pankaj Kumar Sing informed the services of the Pune-Lucknow Junction Special Train (01407) will now extend until March 29 next year. The last return journey by Lucknow Junction-Pune Special (01408) will be completed on March 31, he added.

On similar lines, the LTT Lucknow Junction Superfast (02107) has been scheduled to run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday until March 30, next year. The return journey by the Lucknow Junction-LTT Superfast (02108) will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until March 31 2022.

Reportedly, the Pune-Lucknow Junction Special (02099) and Lucknow Pune Junction (02100) will also run on a similar schedule, until March 29 and March 30, respectively. Besides, the LTT Goakhpur Special (01079) and Gorapkhpur LTT Speciail (01080) will now ply until April 2.

Improving rail connectivity

The bolstered services are set to enhance the travellers' experience by easing seat availability. Moreover, more trains between Mumbai and Lucknow will harness train connectivity to several other stations, which do not have an airport. It will thus make way for a better commute corridor for the passengers and allow flexible travel.

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