Lucknow Municipal Corporation deploys new software in a bid to go paperless

Lucknow Municipal Corporation deploys new software in a bid to go paperless

The digitisation will help maintain transparency in work

In a big digital upgrade, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation has decided to automate its civil works and go paperless. As per reports, documents related to construction, demolition and renovation will be moved to a digital database, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of LMC's filing system. Notably, a new software will be used to translate and store project files on a futuristic, smart and transparent interface accordingly.

Each digital file to auto-generated unique ID & barcodes

The Lucknow Municipal is set to undergo a massive digital facelift, with the launch of the digital-filing software. All files converted and filed on the new database will be digitally signed and have an auto-generated unique ID and barcode. These markers will work as identifiers and enable officers and authorities to sort through multiple records, in just seconds.

A digital diary will also be prepared and maintain of a digital application, Municipal Commissioner Ajay Dwivedi said. This will be used to conduct frequent inspections to ensure security of the information.

One software, multiple uses! 

Meanwhile, the new software tool will also help the LMC generate estimates of the said projects. For example, if a road project has been proposed, LMC officials just need to enter the length, breadth, height and materials of the scheme.

The software will account for all building factors and project an approximate budget. This will ease, hasten and boost the construction works in Lucknow based on a genuine model.

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