Lucknow Nagar Nigam to set up a 40-bed COVID-19 hospital at Mahanagar Kalyan Mandap

Lucknow Nagar Nigam to set up a 40-bed COVID-19 hospital at Mahanagar Kalyan Mandap

The COVID-19 hospital at Mahanagar Kalyan Mandap in Lucknow will function as an L-1 and L-2 health care facility.

In an attempt to expand and strengthen the pillars of coronavirus treatment infra, the Lucknow Nagar Nigam has decided to set up a 40-bed COVID-19 hospital at the Mahanagar Kalyan Mandap. This new facility will primarily operate as an L-1 and L-2 health care centre and will be fully equipped with oxygen beds and emergency units. Reportedly, municipal officers and their families will be given priority admission here and zero cost treatment benefit will also be provided to the needy.

Dedicated COVID-19 facility for municipal workers

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Lucknow Municipal Corporation has buckled up to establish a dedicated COVID-19 facility at the Mahanagar Kalyan Mandap, primarily to create bed vacancy for its 13,000 associate officials and their family members. This provision has been charted to increase bed-vacancy for the working hands of the Nagar Nigam who are fighting the pandemic battle from the frontlines.

As per reports, about 30 municipality workers have succumbed to the coronavirus infection as they were not able to procure treatment beds in time In view of this, the officials and councillors of the Municipal Corporation had placed a demand for this hospital, which is now being met.

The centre will accommodate level 2 patients in the hall on the ground floor, while other facilties, such as private wards and other level-1 beds will be arranged on the first floor. Patients in need of critical, L-3 care will be admitted to hospitals across Lucknow, read reports. All preparations for this, such as purchasing beds and other medical equipment will be looked after by a three-member committee. Parallelly, Municipal Health Officer Sunil Kumar Rawat has been tasked to arrange for doctors and paramedical staff to look after the patients.

Need for provisional centres in Lucknow

State capital Lucknow is battling the COVID-19 threat on a war footing, where people from adjoining suburbs and rural areas are also heading to the city in need of advanced treatment. This has created a need to establish provisional care centres across the district to ensure clinical help to all. Thus, the Lucknow Nagar Nigam facility at Mahanagar Kalyan Mandap will help to increase bed-vacancy for the needy and relieve the pressure off the existing medical infrastructure.

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