Lucknow's newest high-end bar, Distillery is recreating the Roaring Twenties in 2021!

Lucknow's newest high-end bar, Distillery is recreating the Roaring Twenties in 2021!

Distillery is here to snag the limelight from the herd and how!

Providing a panoramic view of Lucknow from the 16th floor of Rohtas Summit while blanketing its patrons in a luxe embrace, Distillery is the city's newest high-end bar. A Gurugram-based establishment and the brainchild of the curators of Molecule, The Drunken Botanist and Viet: Nom, Distillery is here to snag the limelight from the herd and how!

Aspiring to recreate the epoch of the Roaring Twenties, this swanky property is taking us back to the vintage era of gramophones, cigars, gangsters and more. Infusing inspirations from a bygone era along with contemporary styles and textures, to match up to 2021's penchants, Distillery is a handmade hybrid of the old and new. Read on to find out why you've gotta be here ASAP!

The party has just begun!

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The moment you step in, you are greeted with textured floors, evocative walls and contrasting lights against the backdrop of glass screens, that simply put you in the mood to order a drink and just lounge on the couch! Touted to have the highest and largest rooftop in the city and spread across two floors, this party hub bestows us with a kaleidoscopic spectacle of Lucknow alongside offering comfy outdoor and indoor seating arrangements.

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Staying close to the roots of its name, Distillery prides itself on a power-packed bar that aligns with the notions of bottomless booze and a dance floor that comes with rad playlists to keep you swaying!

An adventurous take on the Prohibition Era, Distillery's milieu reinstates the term 'neo-noir' and would remind you of the scenes that we've often seen on TV- gentlemen smoking cigars, dancing to good music, sharing a meal with gangsters and having a good laugh with mafias.

Let's Talk Food & Drinks- the classical twists & fusions!

When it comes to food and drinks, Distillery has simply outdone many such bars and eateries in the city because what it offers, cannot be found anyplace else in Lucknow! Headed by the culinary gangster of Distillery, Chef Anas Qureshi, this ensemble promises gourmands a good time, complete with hand-curated dishes that draw in local flavours and boozy piquant concoctions that will have you roped in for frequent visits.

An F&B menu curated to suit everyone's flavour profile and palate preferences, Distillery comes with sweeping options stirred with fusions and classics, for you to choose from, as per your fancies! While browsing through the menu, what strikes the eyes first, is definitely the christening of the dishes and then the anticipation of the fancy grubs, surely piques one's hunger. This is followed by a 'gangsta' presentation, kick-ass service and a hefty punch of hedonistic contentment!

When it comes to the grubs, browse through the sections of Crystal Dim Sums, Sizzlers and thin-crust Pizzas, if you're in the mood to pamper your tastebuds, with the best of possible flavours. Distillery also has a separate section for various chaats, that has been redesigned with a twist, to retain the authentic taste of the street yet present a never-seen-before imagery on your plates!

The Prawn Hargao, Naked Chicken Dim Sums, Medu Vada Onion Rings, Tandoori Prawns and the Autumn Chaat, are our personal picks for starters and of course, if you're looking for something filling, there are umpteen recourse as well. BTW, here you are also enabled with customization options, for various delights such as sizzlers and pizzas!

If you wish to order Instagrammy food choices, then Get My Joint, out of the lot, will suit your hankering. This is basically a tribal recipe from the hills of Kasaul and the mutton is smoked with hemp seed oil. Further, it is served in the shape of a doobie and comes in a box, laden with smoke, flavours and wonder! To wash it all down, go for their LIIT variants, G&T and crafty cocktails but if you are eyeing something strong, the fancy liquors will keep you spirited.

To wrap up your dining experience, make sure you end on a sweet note and trust us, their 999.9 Fine Gold Brick dessert, will be the perfect choice for such an occasion! This is basically a luxurious mango cheesecake that comes cloaked in 24K edible gold and in a box, which just adds to the gangster vibes. The White Brownie with Chocolate Ice-cream is also a popular choice here, in case you want to opt for the simple pleasures of life! If live desserts are your thing, then you should definitely choose My Pedller Made Me A Visit- wherein Chef Qureshi would personally come in and present you with exciting options for your sweet tooth!

Honestly, reading about these items and drinks, will not justify their actual look, feel and taste- you've gotta be here in person, to explore this plethora of options available.

What's More?

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Distillery will also come up with separate units like The Gentlemen Gang, The Boss Lady Gang and The Beard-Heroes Gang, to add a twist to your clubbing experience. There will be an array of scotch options to choose from and plenty of cosmos and martinis, to get you happy-high. To us, it sounds like an ideal setup, that will enable Lucknowites to have fun in their own fashion, like never before!

So what we're saying is-

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If you have been wanting to let your hair down with your girls or shake a leg or two with your squad, Distillery is giving you an excuse to do so! Missing out on pulling up at this site, would only spell loss for your inner clubber.

Distillery will hook your epicurean senses for a long time to come and the plush ambience, adorned with mood lighting and ritzy backdrops, makes for oh-so-chic pictures as well. So chalk out a plan, don your best attire along with a mask and head out for a Gatsby-style hangout sesh to remember!

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