Lucknow News| 129 silver coins recovered while digging up a house in Yahiyaganj

Lucknow News| 129 silver coins recovered while digging up a house in Yahiyaganj

The silver coins have been deposited in the government treasury, as per rules.

Ever imagined treasure being miraculously (and magically) being dug up from your house and you transforming into a rich person over night? All your childhood? Same.

Well, the chimera became quite real for Gyan Singh in Bhim Nagar area of Lucknow's Yahiyaganj when an earthen pot, filled with some 129 silver coins, was found while his house was being dug. The local police reached the place after the news went viral. The Archaeological Department was also informed of the development.

Jack'pot' in Lucknow

The house was reportedly under renovation and labourers were working on the excavation. They were the ones who found the pot that contained some 129 silver coins.

Additional DCP West, Chiranjeev Sinha, stated, "The Archaeological Department has been informed. These silver coins will be brought to the notice of the district magistrate and deposited in the treasury as per rules."

The news of the treasure found travelled far and wide and people were astounded on hearing the same.

Previous instances of excavated treasure

Earlier, especially during the Nawabi era, locals would hide precious gems, gold and silver, in their homes and, at times, bury them under the ground to keep them safe. On numerous occasions, coins have been found buried in various areas due to the same reason.

In the past, plethora of coins from the Mughal era, remains of statues and utensils, gold artefacts have been recovered from various places in Uttar Pradesh. In a recent news this year, gold coins from the colonial era were found at a woman's house in UP's Jaunpur under a toilet pit.

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