A new & advanced control room to ensure improved electricity supply in Lucknow

A new & advanced control room to ensure improved electricity supply in Lucknow

The officials at this control room will be alerted through an alarm as soon as the power cuts are observed in any region

Attempting to boost the electricity supply in the city, a new control room with real-time data acquisition systems will be set up at the Lucknow headquarters of Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd, this year. With the installation of advanced devices in the control room, the officials will be alerted through an alarm as soon as the power cuts are observed in any region. Additionally, the control room will also keep records of low and high voltage, power disruptions and their causes.

New control room to be linked with the 1912 call centre facility

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Once the new facility is started, the centre at Gokhale Marg will be revamped on the lines of Meerut's Paschimmanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam. While a large electrical company will look after the implementation of this project, it will be supervised by the Superintending Engineer Ashok Sundaram. The upcoming control room will be linked to the 1912 call centre facility, in a bid to inform complainants about the cause of the power failure.

As per the available information, the alarm feeder in the control room will be activated through the remote terminal unit and the feeder remote will be installed in the sub-station. Under the model system, this feeder remote will be set up at every 11 kV feeder of the substation. With the presence of this facility, the control room will receive instant signals from the substation as soon as the power supply goes off. Thereafter, the officials will take quick action to resolve the issues and restore supply.

A move to ensure strict watch over the electricity supply in the city

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The control room will also get information about the supply voltage through this system. If the voltage is higher than the standard limit, the officials will take the necessary steps for controlling it. The authorities from the Madhyanchal Nigam will be able to keep a strict watch on the city's electricity supply after the introduction of the new system.

Managing Director of Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited, Suryapal Gangwar said that the upcoming centre at Madhyanchal Headquarters will be similar to one present at Meerut's Vidyut Vitran Nigam Headquarters. The activities at this centre will be managed by the Nodal officer and other staff members will be deployed. After the operations at the new centre are initiated, both the citizens and the electricity department will be benefitted.

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