Lucknow News | Lakes to get a new lease of life with advanced microbubble technology

Lucknow News | Lakes to get a new lease of life with advanced microbubble technology

The drive to disinfect, clean and rejuvenate the lakes in the city began with Jamuna Jheel in the Aishbagh area.

Adopting modern scientific methods, the Lucknow Development Authority recently used a state-of-the-art microbubble technology for the revival of Jamuna Jheel in Malviya Nagar near Aishbagh area.

Reportedly, the lake was previously in a squalid state due to garbage dumping and increased growth of water hyacinth aka jalkumbhi. The technique was put to use to re-oxygenate the lake and to eliminate microbial impurities.

The use of technology  will help in restoring the ecosystem of the lake

The move came into play after the LDA vice-chairperson, Indramani Tripathi inspected the Moti Jheel and Jamuna Jheel of the Aishbagh on November 13 and passed instructions to kick off restoration and beautification work on the water bodies. Following this, the water hyacinth and the foliage near the lakes were cleared which was proceeded by microbubble aeration.

Under the procedure, two specialized microbubble aeration boats were deployed to cleanse the Jamuna lake and oxygenate it. This will help hinder the re-occurrence of water hyacinth and will also boost the restoration of eco-system of the lake.

How is microbubble tech useful for revival water bodies?

Microbubble aeration boat
Microbubble aeration boat

The microbubble (MB) technology uses micrometre-sized bubbles. The process consists of several unique attributes, including long-term stability, negative surface charge, and the ability to generate reactive oxygen species. This makes it effective for the removal of micropollutants during aerobic wastewater treatment and ecological restoration.

The technology will further be used for the revival of the nearby Moti Jheel after which LDA will also proceed with the beautification work in other lakes.

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