Lucknow News | Man hired for 'liking' social media content gets duped of ₹77,000

Lucknow News | Man hired for 'liking' social media content gets duped of ₹77,000

The victim approached the police after being asked to invest more money.

A man from Lucknow, who was hired by an overseas fraudster to 'like' content on several social media platforms, has reported being duped of ₹77,000. In this fresh case of financial fraud in Lucknow, the victim invested the said amount in installments of ₹30,000, ₹45,000 and ₹2,000 after being promised huge profits.

The Story

As for the details of said case, the victim was approached by an online fraudster who claimed to have influencers as his clients. The victim was then asked to like videos and other forms of content from random content creators on YouTube, Instagram and Telegram. When it came time for the victim's pay, the fraudster told him that he has to pay ₹1,000 and he'll earn a profit of $3,000.

Later on, the victim also received a message that he has earned a profit of ₹3,000, which led him to take the bait again. Lured in by the message, he went on to make payment several more payments, giving away a total of ₹77,000, not even receiving a single penny in profit. When asked to invest ₹6,000 more, the victim sensed something was fishy and approached the police.

The Moral

This latest case of online fraud in Lucknow has added to an ever-increasing list of recent incidents of residents being duped of thousands over the internet. In order to make sure the same doesn't occur with you, be careful while surfing the web and steer clear of falling for traps set by people proposing absurd ways of earning some easy money over the internet.

Also, alert the authorities as soon as you come across something fishy or have the slightest of inkling of getting frauded. Because sometimes, even the worst of scams can be caught if reported in time!

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