Green Gas Limited launches a dedicated mobile application for PNG consumers in Lucknow

Green Gas Limited launches a dedicated mobile application for PNG consumers in Lucknow

With the self-billing feature on CGL Engage Consumer App and GGL's official website, people can now pay their bills right from the comfort of their homes now

In a major relief to the consumers of Piped Natural Gas in Lucknow, Green Gas Limited, a joint venture of GAIL and Indian Oil Corporation has now launched an application to facilitate a smoother user experience. The newly launched CGL Engage Consumer App has been developed to offer user-friendly access to their account with Green Gas Ltd and PNG billing/payments. Read on to know more about this new upgrade.

Self-billing feature available on app & website

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After witnessing the dissatisfaction of consumers because of the slow payment process due to the delay in manual billing, the GGL has come up with a dedicated mobile application to help consumers pay their bills by themselves. With the self-billing facility on the application, people can now pay their bills right from the comfort of their homes.

Apart from the application, people can also log on to the official website of GGL and select the self-billing option to make the payment. In addition to this facility, GGL has also handed out a toll-free number for complaints and queries. At present, there are around 30,000 PNG users in Lucknow.

Due to the delay in manual billing, consumers are forced to deposit pending bills of 2-4 months in a go which created a lot of chaos and unwanted pressure on the consumers. With the launch of this application and the self-billing feature on the website, such consumers will be able to generate their bills and make their payments on time.

As per the Chief Manager(Marketing) of GGL, Surya Prakash Gupta, the trials of application has been going on for a month now. to make the application even more user-friendly, additional features are also being added to it. With this technological upgrade, consumers can now pay their bills by using the self-billing option on the website and the newly-launched application.

Price of piped gas service likely to shoot up

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Recently, with the fallout of the rise in prices of natural gas owing to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Green Gas Limited has reduced the supply of PNG and CNG in Lucknow by 20%. Reportedly, GGL supplies around 1.45 lakh kg of CNG and PNG in Lucknow on a daily basis, however, with the surge in international prices, the supply has gone down by 15,000-20,000 kg per day. According to officials, if the prices of natural gas continue to rise globally, the rates of piped gas services for domestic usage are also expected to shoot up.

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