Lucknow News | Traffic advisory issued for Bada Mangal

Lucknow News | Traffic advisory issued for Bada Mangal

Read on to know the complete parking and and traffic plans:

With Bada Mangal bhandaras set to begin tomorrow, Lucknow's streets are expected to be heavily congested during peak hours. In anticipation, the Lucknow Police have issued a comprehensive advisory and implemented traffic diversions to ensure smooth movement, particularly around Hanuman Setu on University Road.

Parking Plan for Devotees Visiting Hanuman Setu:

  • Hanuman Setu: The parking in front of Hanuman Setu will be accessible for two-wheelers only.

  • Jhulelal Park: A dedicated parking area has been created at Jhulelal Park, opposite Hanuman Setu.

  • Birbal Sahni Marg: Additional parking space for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers will be available towards Birbal Sahni Marg, a few meters ahead of Hanuman Setu temple.

Traffic Diversions Around Hanuman Setu:

The Lucknow Police anticipate increased traffic between 9 am and 8 pm tomorrow throughout the city, especially between IT Crossing and Parivartan Chowk. To manage this, the following diversions have been implemented:

  • Two-Wheelers: Devotees heading towards Hanuman Setu from Parivartan Chowk side should take a left turn at Hanuman Setu Nadwa turn.

  • Four-Wheelers: Visitors are instructed to park their vehicles at the Jhulelal Ghat parking area.

  • One-Way Street: The route from IT Crossing to Hanuman Setu will operate as a one-way street.

  • Alternative Routes: Vehicles approaching from the IT/LU side should turn right at Shalimar Tiraha and proceed to Marwadi intersection. Another option is to turn left from Lucknow University Road Metro Road to easily access Hanuman Setu Temple.

Additionally, traffic congestion is expected near Hanumant Dham temple near Clarks Awadh Hotel and the Naya Hanuman Mandir of Aliganj. The Lucknow Police advise residents to plan their routes accordingly and allow extra travel time to navigate the city during the Bada Mangal celebrations.

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