Lucknow News| Water shortage hits Indira Nagar; issue to last 3 more weeks

Lucknow News| Water shortage hits Indira Nagar; issue to last 3 more weeks

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Severe water scarcity has gripped several parts of Indira Nagar in Lucknow, as the Jal Nigam supply dwindles due to a significant drop in the water level at Kathauta Lake.

Kathauta Lake in Gomti Nagar, one of the city’s vital water reservoirs, is now in grave peril as its water level has dramatically fallen. Recently, the water level has plunged to a mere 14 feet from the normal mark of 22 feet. This lake is crucial for sustaining the water supply for over 10 lakh residents in areas including Indira Nagar, Gomti Nagar, and Chinhat.

With the water level dropping so significantly, the Jal Nigam supply is severely affected, exacerbating the water crisis in these regions.

Severe reduction in water supply, residents in distress

Shilpa Devi, a resident of Indira Nagar, Sector 12, shared that at the domestic water supply in her area has been restricted to evening hours, whereas it was previously available thrice daily. She shared, "During the evening hours, the water which comes from the supply is often muddy and has a foul odour, like that of water from the drains."

"We're compelled to rely on our neighbours, using a pipe to gather water for household use from those who have private systems like boring supply and pumps," she laments.

Meanwhile, in Shakti Nagar, also within the Indira Nagar region, water shortages have been persistent since earlier this month. Devna Bajpayee, a resident of the area, said, "The water department should have foreseen this crisis and ensured a surplus water supply early on, as such shortages occur annually."

"Water tankers should be arranged by the civic authorities to provide relief to the residents in our area," she added.

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