LDA to set up 4 new pet crematoriums in Lucknow

LDA to set up 4 new pet crematoriums in Lucknow

The cremation plants will be installed in Gomti Nagar Extension, Kursi Road, Mansarovar Yojna & Shaheed Path in Lucknow.

Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) will soon be setting up 4 new pet crematoriums in the city, to ensure that the last rites of pets and strays be conducted respectfully. The new infrastructure will also ensure that animal carcasses are not disposed of unhygienically and are cremated properly.

Construction of pet crematoriums to begin soon

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As of now, there is no specific provision for Lucknowites to cremate their pets with dignity, however, this is set to change soon. LDA has marked 4 locations across Lucknow, namely Gomti Nagar Extension, Kursi Road, Mansarovar Yojna and Shaheed Path, to establish electric crematoriums for domestic animals. It may be noted that the cremation plant at Shaheed Path will either be built at the Ansal Golf City or the Omaxe Township, depending on the availability of land.

Each of these cremation plants will be powered by electricity and cost about ₹8.50 lakh, marking an approximate budget of ₹34 lakhs for the entire scheme. Reportedly, the project cost will be covered by the LDA infrastructure fund and the construction will commence soon.

This move comes in conjunction with the LMC's norm of mandatory pet registration. It is pegged that the funds collected from the registration fee will help run several pet-centric development projects in Lucknow. As per reports, citizens will be penalised, with hefty fines, for not getting a pet license. This amount will also be directed towards developing new infrastructure for pets as well as strays.

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