Caution dog parents! Register your pets before August 25 or pay hefty fines

Caution dog parents! Register your pets before August 25 or pay hefty fines

A team of Lucknow Municipal Corporation will conduct a door-to-door survey to check pet registration certificates.

August 25 onwards, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation will run a door-to-door survey across town, to check and verify dog registration certificates. Reportedly, a fine of ₹5,000 would be imposed on all citizens who falter in registering their pet dogs with the municipal authority. People can get their pets registered at the Cattle Catching Department of the LMC Headquarters in Lalbagh.

Get your pet dogs registered now!

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Dog parents in town, caution! The LMC has started a campaign against the citizens who have failed to comply with the civic guidelines and get their pets registered with the corporation. Dogs of all breeds are required to be registered and the window for it, will be open till August 24, 2021.

The LMC officials have charted a distinct annual registration fee for dogs based on their breeds; ₹500 for bigger breeds like Dobermann and Labrador, ₹300 for the small ones such as Pomeranian or Spitz and ₹200 for other local breeds.

People who fail to register their dogs will be charged with a penalty of ₹5000, added reports. If the fine is not paid at the time of checking, the municipal officers will confiscate the pet. An additional late fee of ₹50 will be levied per day, till the penalty amount is deposited at the LMC office.

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