Over 100 crore saplings to be nurtured in UP for plantation drives next year!

Over 100 crore saplings to be nurtured in UP for plantation drives next year!

30 crore saplings were planted this year & a target of planting 35 crore saplings has been set for 2022.

With large-scale plantation drives in the past, Uttar Pradesh has been forging ahead towards its dream of expanding the green cover in the state. Notably, over 30 crore saplings were planted this year and now, the state government has set the target of planting 35 crore saplings in 2022. In line with this objective, nurseries with a total of nearly 100 crore plants will be nurtured by the Forest Department of the state

Over 90 crore saplings planted in the past few years

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In the past few years, over 90 crore saplings have been planted in the state, in a bid to promote greener surroundings. Earlier, the authorities used to prepare 50-55 crore saplings in nurseries for the plantation drives. Now, the officials are working on a similar plan to materialise the plans for the next year. As per reports, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has already put together a well-researched scheme to plant the desired amount of top-notch saplings in the nursery.

According to the Sustainable Development Goals, reduction of pollution and carbon emissions can only be achieved through a an extensive plantation programme. Since plantations can only happen if there are sufficient numbers of saplings, the state has planned to sow abundant seeds for the upcoming project.

The residents of Uttar Pradesh have also become more aware of the eco-friendly approach of the state and have been planting more trees to support this change. While the plantation drive is a significant initiative, it is important to make sure that trees thrive and deliver the expected benefits.

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