Lucknow Police Commissionerate reshuffles city police zones; adds new stations under its authority

Lucknow Police Commissionerate reshuffles city police zones; adds new stations under its authority

There will now be a total of 52 police stations under the Lucknow Police Commissionerate including two Mahila Thanas.

With a motive to bridge the gap between the police network in urban and rural areas of Lucknow, the police commissionerate has revised the police zones of the city. They have now included several rural police stations in areas around and near Lucknow.

Following the reshuffling of the zones, a total of 13 stations have been added in the Western circle followed by 11 stations in the Northern, 10 stations in the central and 9 stations each in the Southern and Eastern circles have been included.

What are the new zones which will be made after the reshuffling procedure?

Previously, the UP cabinet approved the inclusion of rural police stations under Lucknow Police Commissionerate's authority. The Commissionerate now seeks approval regarding revised zones from the cabinet. A comprehensive report has been dispatched for the same.

Furthermore, detailed info regarding the updated police zones of Lucknow is listed below.

Western Zone

This zone will now consist of four police circles - Chowk, Malihabad, Bazarkhala and Kakori.

  • The Chowk circle will include 3 police stations i.e. Chowk, Thakurganj and Wazirganj.

  • Sadatganj, Bazarkhala and Talkatora police stations will be added to the Bazarkhala circle of this zone.

  • While the Malihabad circle will consist Malihabad, Rahimabad and Mal police stations.

  • The newly formed Kakori circle will include Kakori, Dubagga, Para and Manaknagar police stations under its authority.

Central Zone

This zone will now comprise 10 stations in the Hazratganj, Qaiserbagh and Mahanagar circles.

  • The Hazratganj circle will include Hazratganj, Hussainganj and Gautampalli stations. Additionally, a dedicated Mahila Thana has been added under its jurisdiction to provide special aid to the women of the city.

  • Qaiserbagh, Aminabad and Naka police stations will be under the authority of the Qaiserbagh circle of the city.

  • Moreover, the Mahanagar circle will include 3 stations i.e. Mahanagar, Hasanganj and Madeyganj.

Eastern Zone

The Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar and Cantt. police circles will be added to the Eastern police zone of Lucknow.

  • The Vibhuti Khand circle will comprise of Vibhuti Khand, Chinhat and BBD police stations.

  • On the other hand, the Gomti Nagar circle will consist of 2 stations of Gomti Nagar and Gomti Nagar Extension areas.

  • The Cantt. circle will include Cantt., Ashiana, PGI and Alambagh stations.

Southern Zone

The South police zone of Lucknow will constitute Mohanlalganj, Gosaiganj and Krishna Nagar police circles.

  • The Mohanlalganj, Nagram and Nigoha police stations will lie under the jurisdiction of the Mohanlalganj circle.

  • The Gosaiganj police circle will consist of two stations from of the Gosaiganj and Sushant Golf City areas.

  • While the Krishna Nagar police circle of this zone will include a total of 4 police stations i.e. Krishna Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Bijnor and Banthra stations.

Northern Zone

With the finalization of the revision procedure, the Northern Zone will include three circles under its jurisdiction i.e. Aliganj, Ghazipur and Bakshi Ka Talab.

  • The Aliganj circle will include Aliganj, Madiaon and Jankipuram police stations.

  • Police stations including Ghazipur, Gudamba, Indiranagar and Vikasnagar will be under the authority of the Ghazipur circle of Lucknow

  • Moreover, the Bakshi Ka Talab circle of this zone will now consist Bakshi Ka Talab, Itaunja and Saipur police stations with an addition of the 2nd Mahila Thana (rural) under its jurisdiction.

Till now, these circles have been under the authority of SP, rural which will be transferred under the commissionerate's jurisdiction after receiving the cabinet's approval.

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