Kudos to the real-life heroes, who are bravely handling the lockdown in Lucknow

Amidst videos of Cops thrashing people, here is the other 'superhero' side of Police in Lucknow

Compassionate, Understanding, Helpful, Cooperative, Sympathetic and Considerate are the words which we would like to use to define the behaviour of UP Police today. We were out today to cover how the lockdown situation in Lucknow is and how the cops are handling it. Contrary to the videos that are surfacing on the internet where cops are hitting the people, we found them doing their job with a lot of a compassion and not the lathis.

Criticism for Police comes naturally but it is hard for us to understand the pain they are taking for all of us. The real life super heroes are out on the roads for our safety. Here is a tribute from Knocksense to the men and women in uniform.

Helping the elderly

It is an extremely important time to protect the elderly and Lucknow Police understands it. An elderly in Hazratganj called 112 for medicine and within no time the emergency response team was right at his doorstep to deliver the medicine.

Home delivery of kitchen essentials

Call 112, the emergency response number of UP Police has decided to take on the task of delivering essential items. Any person who is unable to go out to a grocery store can call on 112 and get medicines, milk or any other essential item delivered.

The 'Witty Side' of Lucknow Police

"I am the enemy of the community. I won't stay at home." Cops in Indira Nagar's Amrapali market were seen with these placards. When people ventured out of their homes for no reason, instead of beating them, the Lucknow police handed them one of these placards and asked them to pose with it.

If you want someone to understand something, being violent doesn't always help. The simple act of people posing with a placard that reads their mistake is enough to fill them with remorse.

The smart cop

Social distancing is the key to stop the community spread of Coronavirus. We all understand that at times, it gets important to visit your nearest Kirana store, ATM or Chemist shop. Now in order to encourage social distancing at these places too, Lucknow police have marked areas where people can stand one at a time. This video shows a cop, marking two circles in front of a shop and also explaining its importance to the shop keeper. Just what we all need!

Cops with a message

'Cop With a Sign' is a social media campaign which was shared with us by Rohan Agarwal from Call 112, a few days back. The objective of the campaign is to show the 'Human' side of men and women in uniform.

There is another campaign for awareness of social distancing and lockdown launched by the social media team of Call 112. Do follow their social media handles for more.

This is a time when we all need to virtually come together and fight the spread of Coronavirus. The steps taken by UP Police in Lucknow and in other parts of the state are the need of the hour. They too are human beings and they may at times loose their cool but cops are acting only in "our" best interests. Stay indoor, stay safe and stay away from rumours.

We would also like to take this opportunity and clarify that till 7:30PM on 25th March, 2020, no new positive case was reported in Lucknow. The current total number of active positive cases stands at 7 while total positive cases reported in Lucknow are 8 with 1 person cured.

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