5 new police stations to be set up in Lucknow

5 new police stations to be set up in Lucknow

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In wake of the increasing population, Lucknow will soon get 5 new police stations at different locations in the city. Proposed to be set up under Lucknow Police Commissionerate, these new establishments will help in upgrading the law enforcement infrastructure of the city. Taking the plans further, the proposal to institute these police stations has been sent to the Police Headquarters on behalf of the Commissioner.

Project to commence after the government sanctions it

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According to reports, Police Commissioner DK Thakur affirmed that the increasing population and crime in the city highlight the need for the 5 upcoming centres. A few days ago, the crime graph of these areas was assessed and the regions with accelerated population growth were also identified. Under this exercise, it was observed that the population of areas under the jurisdiction of Kakori, Sarojininagar, Chinhat, Hasanganj and Madiyanw police stations have been marked by significant population hikes in the past few years.

Additionally, it was noted that crime rates have also amplified. Keeping this view, a proposal to build the 5 new stations was sent to the DGP headquarters about 10 days ago. After getting approved by the concerned officials there, this report was sent to the government authorities. Once the administration sanctions the project, the related interventions will be quickly initiated.

Read on to find out the proposed locations for the upcoming stations

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While a new police station will be established to manage the areas from Kakori to Dubagga and the adjoining regions, another has been proposed to cover the stretch from Sarojininagar to Bijnor. Besides, a new centre will be set up to look after regions from Chinhat to BBD and Barabanki border area. It has been stated that areas of Madayganj and its surrounding areas of Hasanganj will be cut off. Apart from this, a new police station will be set up to look after Sherpur of Madianv, part of Aziznagar and the area of Ghaila.

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