New hangout spot for Lucknowites: Neglected pond in Phoolbagh colony near Kursi Road gets renovated

New hangout spot for Lucknowites: Neglected pond in Phoolbagh colony near Kursi Road gets renovated

The pond has been remodelled at a cost of around ₹4.04 crore!

In an attempt to add to the existing beauty of Lucknow, the administration has recently renovated and beautified a pond in Gayatripuram, Phoolbagh Colony. Remodelled at a cost of around ₹4.04 crore, this pond serves as a new picnic spot for Lucknowites. Offering an impressive scenic view, this picnic spot is said to benefit over 2 lakh people residing in the nearby areas.

A new fountain installed at the pond

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Notably, before the initiation of this redevelopment work, the Kutcha pond was reduced to piles of dirt and filth due to its extremely dilapidated condition. Under the ambit of this facelift project, the authorities have not only cemented the pond but also installed a boundary wall as well. Additionally, a retaining wall has also been constructed around the pond to resist the lateral pressure of soil.

To ensure that the place is well-lit, the pathway and its sides have been equipped with bollard lights whereas high mask lights have also been installed at the premises. In a bid to increase the appearance of the place, a fountain has been built at this picnic site as well. Moreover, a dedicated yoga centre has also been established in this park for the public. A guardroom has also been set up here to take care of all the security issues at the premises.

New STP built to treat the water of this pond

Under the ambit of this beautification project, Lucknow Municipal Corporation has exchanged water hyacinths, that were earlier present in the pond to clear water. The water has been connected to a 600 KLD sewage treatment plant which was also constructed in this initiative to purify the water. Notably, a drain has been built to supply water to the sewage treatment plant.

With the completion of this redevelopment project, the whole area has now seen a massive improvement in the landscape. The revamping of this pond has given it a lease of new life to serve as a new attraction in the city.

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