Upcoming four-lane facility on Lucknow-Prayagraj highway to ease commute for the travellers!

Upcoming four-lane facility on Lucknow-Prayagraj highway to ease commute for the travellers!

A tender of ₹800 crores has been rolled out for this project and it is slated to start in November after the plans are finalised.

In a bid to enhance the ease of commute between Lucknow and Prayagraj, the National Highway Authority of India has buckled up preparations to establish a four-lane facility linking Raebareli and the city of Sangam. As per reports, a stretch of 38 kilometres will be transformed into a four-lane road under the first phase. Reportedly, the authorities have released a tender of ₹800 crores for this project and it is slated to start in November after the plans are finalised.

Upcoming establishment to resolve the regular traffic jams

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Currently, the road from Raebareli to Prayagraj consists of two lanes. Reportedly, the width of this facility was increased from 7 metres to 10 metres, two years ago. Additionally, shoulders were also set up on both sides of the road, adding more facilities for the comfort of the commuters.

As per reports, nearly 15 thousand vehicles pass through this route every day and regular traffic jams are witnessed near markets. Now, the authorities are trying to convert more than 95 kilometres of the national highway stretch into a four-lane road to alleviate the problems. Planned to be executed under two phases, the construction activities under this project shall begin from Raebareli firstly. Further, the officials have already initiated interventions related to land acquisition for the second phase.

Bypasses & link roads to boost connectivity to the highway

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According to the NHAI manager, the work on this four-lane facility shall start from Jagatpur in Raebareli. Stretching via Babuganj, Unchahar, Kunda, the road will have bypasses and a link route too. As per reports, the link route shall connect this highway to the Sultanpur National Highway-2. Given the fact that a large number of citizens travel between the two prominent cities regularly, it can be said that the forthcoming facility encapsulates a string of advantages.

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