Over 1 lakh people vaccinated in Lucknow on Monday!

Over 1 lakh people vaccinated in Lucknow on Monday!

UP records the highest vaccinations in India with over 8 crore jabs administered till now, highest in the country.

With more than 31.67 lakh vaccine doses administered on Monday, the vaccination tally of Uttar Pradesh surpassed the 8 crore mark, making it the state with the highest count of inoculations. Amongst the leading districts, the state capital Lucknow broke all previous records, logging over 1.03 vaccinations in a single day, on Monday. Notably, Lucknow is the first district in the territory to register a total figure of more than 1 lakh immunisations in a single day.

Vaccination conducted across 160 sites in the city on Monday

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M.K. Singh, in-charge of vaccination in Lucknow, said: "By 9 PM, 1,03,143 doses had been administered in Lucknow. No other district has achieved this figure in a single day." Notably, the administrative and health officials had converged their efforts to boost the immunisation campaign in the city. Besides the cluster vaccination programs, the camps being organised at religious places of various faiths have played an important role in fueling the drives.

Initially, the authorities had aimed to inoculate 86,400 individuals but the collective efforts of the city officials propelled a major boost for the program. As per the District Immunisation Officer, the drives were conducted across 160 centres in the city. Next to Lucknow, the highest count of vaccinations were registered in Sitapur, Prayagraj, Bareilly and Kushinagar with 91,553, 82,907, 80,598 and 73,039 doses administered on Monday, respectively.

While the pandemic situation has been brought under control in the state, the future continues to be shadowed by uncertainties. Given the fears and anticipations around the third wave, it is important that the non-vaccinated citizens get their lifesaving jabs at the earliest.

- With inputs from IANS

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