Lucknow records zero active Covid cases on Wednesday; doctors still urge caution

Lucknow records zero active Covid cases on Wednesday; doctors still urge caution

Medical experts have advised caution and have urged the citizens to follow Covid protocols considering the surge in Covid cases in nearby countries.

Lucknow reported zero active Covid cases after the only patient undergoing treatment for the infection was recovered on Wednesday. In the recent past, cities including Lucknow were reporting sporadic occurrences of Covid infections, in the aftermath of the enraged Covid-19 havoc which lasted till March 2022.

Previously, Lucknow attained the zero active Covid case status on December 6 for the first time ever since the end of the pandemic. Soon after, more cases were reported in the city which have now recovered completely.

Government-run healthcare centers report shortage of vaccines for booster doses

Following reports of rising Covid cases in China and some other countries, a wave of panic has swept among the citizens of the city due to which the rush for precautionary doses has increased. Incidentally, the state-run healthcare facilities in UP districts including Lucknow seem to be running out of vaccine supplies.

In hindsight, the demand for vaccines plummeted significantly after the decline of the pandemic, hence the hospitals and vaccination centers did not place fresh orders.

Reportedly, requests have been sent to the government for the availability of the fresh supplies of vaccines by the district immunisation officer.

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