Lucknow reports the highest single-day spike in four months!

Lucknow reports the highest single-day spike in four months!

With 130 new COVID cases, Lucknow registered its highest single-day spike in the last four months. Read on to know more about precautionary measures

Lucknow's active COVID case count climbed to 590 on Monday with 130 fresh cases, while a total of 45 patients recovered safely. As per the data received from the government, this is the highest single-day spike in Lucknow in the last four months. With 99 fresh COVID cases, Gautam Budh Nagar stood second to Lucknow in the district-wise daily caseload tally.

After a continuous hike in COVID cases in Lucknow, it's time to take precautions and mask up again. Amid the rising cases in the state, it is crucial for the elderly and children below 18 years of age to get fully vaccinated (first, second and booster dose) and start wearing masks.

Mask up Lucknow!

Wearing masks properly is one of the most effective ways to keep COVID infection at bay. However, while masking up, there are two more things one needs to take care of. The kind of mask and the way to wear it, is also highly important. If you have been wearing cloth masks or surgical masks, read on as we discuss how effective they are.

How covering your face with a mask can reduce the COVID spread?

Covering your face with a mask simply means filtering the air you intake via the nose and mouth. It is also crucial to understand how a mask can prevent the spread of COVID just by filtering the air you intake.

  • COVID-19 spreads mainly among people in close contact.

  • All of us have droplets in coughs and sneezes that can carry COVID-19 to others.

  • Coughs spray droplets at least to a distance of 6 ft. Sneezes travel as far as 27 ft. Droplets also may spread when we talk or raise our voices.

  • These droplets can land on your face or in your mouth, eyes and nose.

  • When you wear a mask, it keeps more of your droplets with you.

  • A mask also adds an extra layer of protection between you and other people’s droplets.

And now considering the rise in the number of asymptomatic infections, wearing masks becomes of utmost importance.

Recommended types and ways of wearing masks

Putting on a mask on your chin or just on your nose, will not protect you from anything. It is necessary to understand the do's and don'ts of wearing masks for ensuring appropriate protection.

  • In the case of high-risk and high transmission settings, KN95 or respirator masks without valves are the best choices.

  • When using a cloth mask, make sure it is doubled with a surgical mask.

  • A well-fitted 3-ply surgical mask, tied and tucked in a crossword manner is enough to protect you from the virus.

  • If you just want to wear one mask that is good-looking and matches your clothing, just make sure that your cloth mask is double layered and fits you well covering your nose, mouth and chin.

Some simple precautions can be life saving, and masking is one such means. Being fully vaccinated (first, second and booster) is the second. So start wearing masks again and get yourself vaccinated ASAP. Along with this, make sure to maintain social distancing, keep your rooms well ventilated, avoid crowded places, clean your hands, and cough into a bent elbow or tissue.

For more guidelines, visit WHO

Lucknow reports the highest single-day spike in four months!
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Lucknow reports the highest single-day spike in four months!
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Lucknow reports the highest single-day spike in four months!
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