Lucknow roads to soon become pothole free

Lucknow roads to soon become pothole free

Lucknowites face many traffic woes everyday because of unrelenting construction of one kind or another, narrow roads, traffic rule violations and lastly, the innumerable potholes. Potholes are dangerous and can cause accidents especially when bikers and drivers are caught unawares.

Locals will be glad to know that more than 210 roads, spanning 174kms, of the PWD and the LDA are under works to be made pothole free by March. The move is a part of the state government’s order to all ongoing project heads to complete their tasks before the upcoming month of March.

The pothole free movement is one of the important local developments as it directly impacts the residents of the city and makes for more seamless transportation within Lucknow. All the roads, from the posh areas of Gomti Nagar to the galiyan of Aliganj and Lalbagh will be repaired. Some roads with few potholes will get patchwork done and the others will get a fresh layer of asphalt on top.

Lucknow roads to soon become pothole free

The budget for the plan is massive on both counts- for patchwork and for new layering of roads. Authorities have set aside around ₹80 crore, out of this, ₹18 crore is kept aside for the patchwork process of 419 roads and ₹60 crore for renovation of the roads.

Sources have stated that the main cause of the potholes were heavy rains and harsh weather conditions this monsoon. Some Lucknowites, however, believe that the potholes have been present for a really long time and this is a much needed step in the right direction, albeit a little late. We are eagerly waiting to see what change this move brings about.